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    Atacama Immersion Programs

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    The Spirit of the Project

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    The clearest skies on Earth

Atacama Immersion Chile

Atacama Immersion Chile offers educational programs for foreigners aimed at obtaining resources for the Catholic University of the North (UCN) student’s mobility scholarship fund.

This initiative invites to experience being immersed in the Atacama Desert and its surroundings, by learning its culture, geography, mining, astronomy, geology and history.

Under the format “Travel to Learn”, traveler is able to acquire -in a short time- academic knowledge while travelling. This allows fostering cultural exchange and experiential learning experiences in one of the richest regions of the world.

Atacama Immersion Students

Foreign Students

Experience translates itself into cultural and field immersion, academic learning and world-wide friendship.

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Atacama Immersion Students

Spanish Courses

Supplement Spanish language learning experience with field trips and cultural activities. Available in 3 levels, from a month to a year.

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Atacama Immersion Students

Catholic University of the North

With presence in the Antofagasta and Coquimbo Regions, the UCN therefore becomes the most important educational alternative in northern Chile.

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